Mosquito Baseball


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Division - House League
Ages - Born in 2007/2008
Games - Saturday (10:00am - noon) 6 innings
Cost - before Feb 15 $200, after Feb 15 $220
Weekly Practices - Monday & Wednesday (6:30pm - 8:30pm)
Things you need- Ball Glove, Bat, Gray Ball Pants, Jack/Jill Protective Gear, and a CSA approved Helmet



The playing field shall conform to the following measurements:
a)The distance between all bases shall be sixty (60) feet.
b)The distance between the point of home base and the front side of the pitcher's plate shall be forty-four (44) feet
c)The batter's box shall be rectangular in shape, the size being 6 ft. x 3 ft. and shall extend to the front from the centre of home plate, 3 ft. and an equal distance of 3 ft to the rear. The inside line shall be four (4) inches from the plate.
d)The pitcher's mound shall be raised to a gradual slope. At a height of 6 inches above the levels of the base paths. Optional for league play.
e)The coaches' box shall be 8 x 12 feet and not closer than ten (10) feet to the base- path.
f)The backstop (behind home plate) shall NOT be less than 25 feet nor MORE than 40 feet from home plate.
g)The following outfield fence distances are recommended: Left and right field foul line (180 feet min., suggested 200 feet)(Centre field 200 feet min., suggested 225 feet).

a)  The batter cannot become a runner on a catcher's miss of a third strike. The third strike, either called or swinging does NOT have to be caught by the catcher. The batter is AUTOMATICALLY RETIRED, however, the ball is alive and in play.
b)  The designated hitter rule is not permitted in this age category.
c)  When a pitcher is in contact with the pitcher's rubber with the ball in his possession PREPARATORY TO THE PITCHING ACT and the catcher is in the catcher's box ready to receive delivery of the pitching action, base runners SHALL NOT leave their bases UNTIL THE PITCHED BALL HAS REACHED THE BATTER.
d)  When a base runner DOES leave his base BEFORE the pitch has reached the batter and the batter does not hit the ball, the runner is permitted to continue. If a play is made on him and he is tagged out, the OUT will stand. If, however, he reaches a base safely, "TIME" is called and he is returned to the base he occupied before the pitch was made and NO OUT shall result.
e)  When a base-runner leaves his base before the pitched balls has reached the batter and the batter hits the ball and the runner shall return to his original base (if the batter is retired on a fly ball or any other play) OR he must return to an unoccupied base nearest the one he left depending on the advance of the batter who in this case shall NOT advance beyond the first base on a single, second base on a double, or third on a triple.
f)  When any base-runner leaves his base before the pitched ball has reached the batter, and the batter hits or bunts the ball to an infielder, who in the judgment of the umpire, could have with reasonable effort effected an out on the runner had the violation not occurred.  NO RUNNER shall be allowed to score or advance (unless forced) and all runners shall remain. If three (3) runners are on base and the batter reaches first base safely on a similar action to an infielder, and ANY runner violates the leadoff rule, SUCH RUNNER SHALL BE DECLARED OUT IN THIS INSTANCE.
g)  In the event that more than one runner is simultaneously adjudged to have violated the leadoff rule the violating runner CLOSEST to scoring shall be declared out.
h)  The pitcher may pitch from SET position without coming to a full stop before delivery.
i)  Any player on the team is eligible to pitch. There are no restrictions to the number of pitchers a manager may use in a game.
j)  A player shall not pitch more than 3 innings in a championship or a week.
k)  A pitcher who is removed from the game shall not be permitted to return to pitch in the same game, even if the pitcher is retained in the game at another position.
l)  A player who pitches 3 innings in one day shall not be permitted to pitch at any time during that day or the following day. In other words, that player must have two full nights of rest before being entitled to pitch again.
m)  If a pitcher delivers at least one pitch in an inning, he/she shall be charged with one inning pitched.

a)  Balls
b)  Bats (The bat shall be round and made entirely of wood or approved material.  It shall NOT be more than thirty-two (32) inches in length, nor more than 2 3/4 inches in diameter at its thickest part. Bats may be taped to a distance not exceeding sixteen (16) inches from the handle).
c)  Gloves
d)  Footwear - No metal cleats
e)  Helmets - Safety helmets must be worn


Umpires, plate and base, will be scheduled by the umpire coordinator


a)  Coach
b)  Assistant Coach
c)  Division Coordinator
d)  Manager
e)  Scorekeeper


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